Confined Spaces Training

This past weekend, members from the Wabasca Fire Department and Bigstone Fire Department participated in the Confined Spaces Training, taught by a former Wabasca Fire Department Firefighter through Learn-Rite Courses Inc.

The first day was spent in the class room where we learned what was considered a confined space, what the hazards are, and how to stay safe in confined spaces.

20160403_094654The second day was spent doing the practicum; everyone geared up and paired off, we all checked out the inside of the confined space, and then we sent the first pair in, timing them, of course. It’s no fun without a little bit of competition!


This was the inside of the confined space, the doors wide open. We had to enter a much smaller door, bunker gear and breathing apparatus on to simulate a real life scenario. Before the team would enter the space, the victim would be hidden.


Once the team found the victim they would relay it back to the stand-by crew who would grab the victim, then help the team safely exit the confined space.20160403_09403420160403_094730 20160403_095129

The fastest time was 2 minutes!

Everyone passed with flying colours! Great job Firefighters!