Emergency Preparedness

We’re at the end of Emergency Preparedness Week, and with the recent mandatory evacuation of the Fort McMurray, it’s more apparent than ever the importance of preparing for an emergency.

To help prepare you and your family for an emergency, it helps to have a 72 hour kit on hand. This kit should contain

  • food and water (enough for 3 days, non perishable food)
  • bedding and clothing (for all weather)
  • light and fuel (candles, flares, batteries)
  • some general equipment (such as a cellphone charger, rope and duct tape)
  • personal supplies and medication (first aid, toiletries, prescriptions)
  • Copies of personal documents, money (insurance policies, credit cards, legal documents)
  • Ready-to-go kit (an easy to carry bag filled with items to keep you safe if you have to leave the house in a hurry)

The full list of recommended items to have in your emergency kit can be found here.

You should update your kit every 6 months, this way any food, water, or medication doesn’t expire. Don’t forget to add small toys or games to provide some comfort during times of stress.

Please view the Alberta Emergency Management Page (please note there may be an Alberta Emergency Alert alarm that sounds) for other resources such as emergency preparedness for your pets, getting ready for tornadoes and how to cope after the emergency.

Stay safe everyone, and be prepared.